The Ultimate Pool Finish

Developed in Australia, especially for the Australian climate, Aqualux won’t chip, crack or flake. This commercial membrane is ideal for installation into new pools, and for resurfacing old pools.

Smooth to touch, and incredibly easy to keep clean, Aqualux comes in a range of designer prints and colours to help you create the ultimate pool for your family.

Suitable for commercial and domestic swimming pools of all build types, an Aqualux interior will keep your pool shell watertight for years to come.

Custom made to fit each individual pool from a series of specialised measurements, steps, shelves and benches can all be built in, regardless of your pool brand, make or shape.

Fibreglass, tile, render, paint, pebble and marbelite pools can all be resurfaced with Aqualux for a stunning, easy to care for pool.

 Beautiful Colours

The right colour can really bring your pool to life. Aqualux comes in a beautiful range of colours and prints, with a depth and vibrancy simply not available from other pool finishes. Premium quality pigments and the addition of UV inhibitors ensure colours stay bright for longer.

Reflections-web-Res (Large) (Medium)
dark-blue-web (Large)
Reef-Pebble-high web (Large) (Medium)
Costa-Rica-web (Large) (Medium)
PACIFIC-MARBLE-web (Large) (Medium)
bahama- web (Large) (Medium)
Maldive-web (Large) (Medium)
Casablanca-web large (Medium)
mosaic tile web (Large) (Medium)
caribbean web (Large) (Medium)
light blue web (large)
antique-web (Large) (Medium)
  • Wont Chip, Crack or Flake
  • Does not leech chemicals
  • Does not affect water balance
  • Incredibly easy to keep clean
  • Treated to resist algae and fungus
  • Will flex with group movement
  • Thicker than 15 coats of pool paint
  • UV inhibitors prevent fading
  • Embossed,non-slip surface
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

 Easy To Care For

Aqualux is treated to inhibit algae, bacteria and fungus, and its naturally immune to things like blackspot. Non Reactive to chemicals, Aqualux has no affect on your water balance. It will never need scrubbing and has the lowest routine maintenance requirement s of any pool finish.

 Flexible And Strong

A hard pool finish cant handle ground movement – so where finishes like tile, render and fibreglass will crash, Aqualux can flex and return back to position and it is capable of stretching over 200%!


In a domestic setting, an Aqualux pool finish is guaranteed to keep your pool shell watertight for ten years – and in the right conditions, most will last for years beyond this. See how Aqualux stacks up against alternative pool finishes below – Its the only one that ticks all the boxes!