August Is TRADE-IN Month – Get your Pool Supplies Now

Looking for pool supplies and new equipment for your pool and spa?

Do you have a pump, filter or vacuum that isn’t quite what it used to be? Is it making you work twice as hard to get a sparkling clean and healthy pool or spa?  Well as we get our spas and pools ready for spring, you can upgrade your equipment.  And for all your pool supplies Rockingham , Mandurah and Cockburn areas, drop into the store for great advice and brand names.

August is Trade-In month, we are encouraging people to trade in their old pumps, filters, chlorinators and cleaners etc, and we will give them something for the old unit. Minimum $100.

Watch the video below to learn more…

And you don’t even need to get your hands dirty.  Our professional mobile service team can check your equipment and do all the work necessary.

Call us to chat about your requirements on 08 9592 5780.